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Woodlands Massage is very easy to get to and is conveniently located in The Woodlands near Sawdust and Interstate 45


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Woodlands Massage
is Owned and Operated Independently by Licensed Massage Therapist, Michael McLauchlan.  Mr. McLauchlan  is a graduate and former Therapist of Christian Associates Massage Therapy School.  He finished Massage School in 1995 and began working for CA Massage. In 1995 He opened Massage for Health in the Red Oak/1960 area with business associate and Therapist Mr. Scott Clark. Mr. McLauchlan is has also Instructed at CA Massage School.  Massaging people  in the Woodlands area  for over 15 years now he has developed his own unique style of Massage which is focused for each individuals particular needs. Mike has lived in the Woodlands since 2001 and practicing in the Woodlands  office since Sept. 1, 2002.  Mike very much enjoys doing massage therapy and loves to see a happy and relaxed customer each time a session is done.   "It is very fulfilling to have a career in which I can perform a  service so very beneficial to all people who come through my door." Mike McLauchlan, LMT

What Massage Therapy Can Do For You: There are many good reasons to visit your massage therapist often. Massage Increases red and white blood cells. Improves circulation,  Provides more energy.  Massage Therapy also releases endorphins (the body's natural pain killer). Massage therapy improves areas of strains, sprains, fibrosis, spasms, and scar tissues. With the help of diet and exercise, Massage therapy helps restore the contour of the body by reducing fat deposits. Massage Therapy also help muscles stay flexible to allow athletes to train at a higher level and decrease the chance of injury.  Massage Therapy will help reduce edema. Massage  helps to stabilize the spine and increase the benefits of Chiropractic adjustments. So don't delay call your massage therapist today!
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"I have been a professional massage therapist  since 1995 and I have always loved what I do"


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Woodlands Massage

Michael McLauchlan, Massage Therapist
Practicing massage therapy since 1995


"Come see the difference that years of experience can make"



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Also providing outcall massage appointments to Champions, Spring, Conroe, Magnolia, & Houston
Licensed The Woodlands Massage Therapist, Mike McLauchlan LMT
I Massage The Woodlands Texas Residents and Guests Primarily
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My Motto: "Get Massage Therapy for Your Health"