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Massage is great
for  stress relief,
 headaches, back pain,
foot pain, neck pain etc.
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Woodlands Massage is very easy to get to and is conveniently located in The Woodlands near Sawdust and Interstate 45


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Question:  How Long have you been doing this?

Answer:  Since 1995, & full time under my current business name since 1997.

Question:  Are you a licensed therapist?

Answer:  Yes, Since 1995. I have met all qualifications with the Texas Dept. of health.

Question:  Did you go to school for this?

Answer:  Yes. I attended Christian Associates Massage Therapy School in 1994.
(I also taught classes there now from 2003-2004)

Question:  Do I have to get undressed for a massage session?

Answer:   Yes, though during the massage session you are fully covered by a sheet and blanket. Only the part of you I am currently working on will be uncovered. I use a draping technique that ensures any other part of the body will not be exposed. I always leave the massage room to allow you time to disrobe.  Before returning to the room , I knock to ensure you are ready for me to enter.

Question:  Don't your hands get tired?

Answer:  Sometimes they do, but because I massage a person on a massage table, I can use techniques at the proper heights and angles to prevent tired hands.  Also just like a runner is used to running I am used to giving a massage. My hands are accustomed to a certain amount of work. Just like a runners legs are conditioned, so are my hands, "so to speak".

Question:  What type of massage should I get?

Answer:  Although I can do a straight style of massage if requested, it is surely most beneficial if I simply Tailor a massage to each individual using all techniques  to suit their particular body and needs at the time of their session..


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For a full body make sure you request an hour appointment. For a really detailed and thorough massage request a 90 minute appointment. For the best and most relaxing massage get a Hot Stone massage for 90 minutes or 2 hours..

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Please call in advance to ensure you get your desired appointment time.
It is best to call 24hrs in advance. All sessions are by appointment only.




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